How do leukemia oncoproteins drive cancer development?

How can we exploit our knowledge about molecular mechanisms in leukemia development to improve patient management?

In the Grebien laboratory, we use a multidisciplinary approach to dissect molecular mechanisms that underlie cancer development. The focus of our research is Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a cancer of white blood cells that is characterized by the rapid growth of abnormal myeloid cells. Their accumulation in the bone marrow interferes with the production of normal blood cells, leading to dysfunctional hematopoiesis.

AML development is caused by dysfunction of factors that are required to regulate normal blood development. Recent genomic studies have shown that leukemia oncoproteins often arise from mutations in genes that encode transcription factors and epigenetic modulators.

We believe that oncogenic mechanisms of AML fusion proteins are hard-wired in specific networks of physical, genetic and epigenetic interactions with key effector proteins. Functional exploration of these networks will provide new insights into cellular processes that depend on critical effector proteins of AML oncoproteins. Thus, the goal of our research is a comprehensive systems-level investigation of oncogenic mechanisms employed by AML oncoproteins.

By combining novel cell line and animal models of AML with cutting-edge proteomic-, epigenomic- and transcriptomic approaches, we have established a robust experimental pipeline for the functional characterization of AML oncoproteins in a multilayered fashion. This is complemented by functional studies in mouse models and primary human samples to detect molecular vulnerabilities that are dependent on the oncogenic mutation of interest.

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News from the Grebien Lab

21.06.2022: The ÖAW awards Anna Vidal with the Doc Fellowship!

9.-12.6.2022: Our visit at the EHA Congress!

21.05.2022: “Willkommen im Paradeis” – A great Open Day at Vetmed!

20./21.05.2022: Happy birthday CeMM and Giulio Superti-Furga!

April 2022: Meet Pablo Fernandez Pernas, our new post doc in the lab!

24.04.22: We can rel(a)y on each other (haha) and joined this year’s Vienna City Marathon!

08.04.-09.04.22: Congratulations to Elizabeth for receiving the Young Investigator Award at the OeGHO Frühjahrstagung 2022!

07.04.2022: Today our PE and PP plastic from the lab was picked up for recycling for the very first time! #greenlabs

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