20.02.23: We had a great outing with the Institute of Medical Biochemistry, visiting the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten followed by delicious nibbles and drinks at Café Ansari 🤤🍹
14.12.22: Lots of fun with Secret Santa and beautiful fairy light decoration (thanks Ecem!) followed by Tapas at Puerto Del Sol with our friends from the Richard Moriggl lab 🎄🎅
24.11.22: We’re very proud to have been part of Green Labs Austria for nearly one year. On 24.11. we attended a workshop organized by them, during which we met with other researchers, plastic producers and recyclers to discuss how to make single use plastic in the lab more sustainable. ♻️
23.11.22: Two prizes for the Grebien Lab at the Vetmeduni Science Day 2022! Congratulations to Gabi and Florian for winning “Most cited young researcher in 2021/2022” and “Most Third-Party Funding acquired in 2021/2022”! 🥳
28.9.-1.10.22: What an incredible experience the European Researchers Night! On September 30th Ludo, together with the MSCA fellows of the ARCH project, attended the European Researchers Night at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. They organised a dissemination activity for kids, who had the chance to learn about haematopoiesis in a fun way: a treasure hunt!
26.9.2022: Congratulations to Bernhard, who very successfully defended his MSc today! Well done from all of us and good luck for your future! We’ll surely stay in touch!
29.8.-3.9.2022: We had a fantastic time at Spetses Summer School 2022 in Cancer Epigenetics where Ludo, Selina, Melanie and Ecem had the opportunity to present their work in the form of posters. Selina was even selected by the poster committee to give a short talk about her research! Florian, as an invited speaker, also gave a lecture to highlight the recent advances in our lab. We thank INTERCEPT-MDS for organising such a wonderful event!!
21.06.2022: Today Anna Vidal went to receive the prestigious Doc Fellowship awarded to her by the Austrian Academy of Science (Österreichische Akedemie der Wissenschaften, ÖAW). This will fund her research on brain metastasis in melanoma for another 2 years! Congratulations Anna, very well done!
9.-12.6.2022: This year the Congress of the European Hematology Association (EHA) took place in Vienna. Therefore, our whole group had the chance to hear loads of exciting talks with some of us contributing with their own work. Congratulations to Selina and Lisi for their great talks and to Ludo for her Poster presentation! On Saturday, we enjoyed the EHA party at “Die Allee” in Prater including nice food, drinks and even bowling. (Now we know, we will stay in science and not go for a professional bowling carreer!)
21.5.2022: Today we had a great time at the Open Day at VetMeduni. For a whole day the university was open for visitors to learn about working & studying at Vetmed with lots of exciting things to see and try out. At our stand “Willkommen im Paradeis” younger and older children could isolate DNA from a tomato and learn fascinating facts about the genome. Did you know, that our DNA is 50% identical to the DNA of a banana?
20./21.5.2022: This weekend we thoroughly enjoyed the birthday symposium of 15 years of the Center for Molecular Medicine (CeMM) and 60 years of Giulio Superti-Furga. After listening to lots of exciting talks in the House of Industry in Vienna at Schwarzenbergplatz, we had a great evening at the Gala Dinner at Palais Ferstl.
April 2022: A very warm welcome to Pablo, our new post doc in the lab, who just started this month. We are very much looking forward to work with you!
24.4.2022: Today we joined the relay of the Vienna City Marathon in two teams: AMLaufen with Gabi, Lisi, Florian and Meli and AMLaufen2 with Thomas, Patricia, Lisa – our special guest from the Sexl Lab – and Selina. We are happy we made it all in one piece and enjoyed our well deserved dinner and drinks at Café Rüdigerhof afterwards.
8.4.-9.4.22: Congratulations to Elizabeth for receiving the Young Investigator Award at the OeGHO Frühjahrstagung 2022!
7.4.22: Today Peter (from helfenstattwegwerfen.at) came to pick up all the PE and PP tubes and tips that we and the Moriggl-Lab collected in the lab. Together we managed to gather 42kg of plastic waste that will be subsequently recycled. Peter kindly took the time to explain what exactly happens to the plastic, how it is separated, washed and shredded, to be eventually re-used. We hope to motivate more and more labs @Vetmeduni to join us for a more sustainable research! Check out greenlabsaustria.at for lots of useful information on this topic.
Photos by Stephanie Scholz / Vetmeduni
1.3.22: A very warm welcome to our new students! From left to right: Jisha joins us for her bachelor practical. Paula and Irene are starting their master internship with us. We are looking forward to work with you!
11.2.2022: (Almost) all the girls of the group still top-motivated on a Friday afternoon #WomenInScienceDay
1.2.2022: Welcome to our new MSc student Patricia, already working away in the lab 🙂 We look forward to working with you!
31.1.2022: The Grebien Lab is becoming a Green Lab! 🌱 With the inspiration of the Moriggl Lab and the help of Green Labs Austria we are now collecting PP and PE plastic to be recycled!
13.-14.12.2021: Great 3 days meeting in Rome with the PhD students and PIs of the Marie Curie ARCH project (and with plenty of food)! It was a pleasure for Ludo and Florian to meet you all in person!
9.12.2021: “Snow is falling all around us! Children playing, having fun!” Also our PhD and master students are having fun @Vetmed. ***Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow some more!***
11.11.2021: Selina is unstoppable! At the Science Day at VetMed she won not only one, but TWO prizes. Very well deserved, congratulations from all of us!
08.11.2021: Congratulations again to Selina Tröster, for being awarded a competitive DOC PhD Fellowship by the ÖAW to establish a novel protein degradation model to study NUP98-fusion proteins in AML! Here she is at the award ceremony.
4.10.21: Also welcome to the lab Ecem, our new PhD student – we look forward to working together! 🙂
4.10.21: Welcome Marketa (from the Czech Republic), Samantha and Rathick (from Switzerland) who are joining us in the lab for the next three months – we look forward to working together!
29.09.21: Today we had to say goodbye to our dear lab member and friend Jessi, who has been at the lab for almost six years! We will miss you loads (but we know we will stay in touch)! At the same time, we celebrated the successful MSc defense of her student Martin – very well done and all the best for your future!
21.09.2021: Huge congratulations to our former colleague Stefan Terlecki-Zaniewicz for winning the Life Science PhD Award Austria 2021. He was honored at the ÖGMBT (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Molekulare Biowissenschaften und Biotechnologie) annual meeting for his dissertation, in which he explains intricate molecular mechanisms underlying leukemias with NUP98 fusions.
08.09.2021: What a beautiful day for our institute’s outing! We first had a tour of the Botanical Gardens here at Vetmed University and then went for dinner by the Alte Donau.
07.09.2021: Goodbye to our lovely and hard-working summer intern Theresa! Here she is in her last week, instructing our other two interns 🙂
16.08.2021: A very warm welcome to our new MSc student Bernhard, already working hard in the lab! We look forward to working with you 🙂
11.08.2021: Congratulations to Edwin, who very successfully defended his BSc last week! Well done from all of us and good luck with your future endeavours! We’re sure we’ll stay in touch 🙂
05.07.2021: A very warm welcome to our summer intern Theresa! We’re looking forward to working with you! 🙂
24.06.2021: Great (and very hot!) day hiking in Helenental on our first lab outing in a very long time! We finished our tour at a Heurigen in Baden with large amounts of well-deserved Schnitzel!
28.04.2021: Yet another award from the FG Lab! Big congratulations to Jessica for winning the first prize of 5000 EUR for her poster at the CCC-TRIO Symposium! Find more information here at CCC-TRIO-Award.
08.04.2021: Big congratulations to Selina on winning the “Jubiläumspreis” at the OeGHO and AHOP Frühjahrstagung 2021!
06.04.2021: A very warm welcome to the lab to our newest PhD student Melanie! We’re looking forward to working with you 🙂
Selina and Melanie
17.03.2021: We are very proud and veeery happy to announce: :tada: Elizabeth Heyes, PhD!! :tada: After working hard during the last years and publishing her first author paper in February (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41375-021-01169-6), Lisi successfully defended her thesis on the 17th of March this year!
17.11.2020: Congratulations Joey, who did fantastic job defending his thesis on the 17th of November! We hope we can celebrate in person soon, but until then we can have more online celebrations 🙂 Good luck for your PostDoc and we’ll definitely stay in touch!
02.10.2020: Congratulations to Stefan, who successfully defended his thesis on the 30th of September! It was great we got to celebrate together (socially distanced of course), as well as cheering you on via WebEx! 🙂 We wish you all the best with your future plans and hope to stay in touch!
31.07.2020: Goodbye to our fantastic and always smiling colleague and friend Theresa – It was a pleasure working with you and we’ll miss you a lot! Good luck with all your future plans, we’ll definitely stay in touch 🙂
13.07.2020: Welcome to the lab Edwin (8 week intern) and Martin (MSc student). We look forward to working with you!
25.06.2020: Goodbye to our fantastic colleague Joey – you’ll be greatly missed! We wish you all the best for the future and hope to stay in touch 🙂
02.06.2020: Congratulations to our motivated and brilliant PhD fellow, Selina Tröster, for being awarded a competitive DOC PhD Fellowship by the ÖAW to establish a novel protein degradation model to study NUP98-fusion proteins in AML!

29.05.2020: Goodbye to our lovely intern Helene, still working hard on her last day!
Selina and Helene

06.05.2020: Happy to be back working in the lab! 🙂

28.04.2020: Exciting work on NUP98-fusion proteins and their targets in AML – out today in Blood Journal. Congratulations Joey and all involved!!! Available at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/32344427

25.02.2020: Congratulations Theresa on successfully defending your MSc thesis today! Very well done 👍
03.02.2020: Warm welcome to our three new students Atefa (2-week intern), Helene (2-month intern) and Ludovica (our new PhD fellow)!
Helene, Ludovica and Atefa
30.01.2020: Today it was goodbye to our great intern Daniel. We wish you all the best for the future and hope to see you again sometime!
25.01.2020: Dancing all night at the #Sciball20 with the FG lab and friends!
16.01.2020: The day we learned why Schlumberger is the best sparkling wine in the world! The whole institute joined for the tour of the “Schlumberger Kellerwelten” and then dinner afterwards.
06.12.2019: Great christmassy evening with our friends from the former LBI-CR – enjoying punch and mulled wine at the Christmas market and then Tapas for dinner!
29.11.2019: Farewell Luisa and Stefan – you were both fantastic PhD colleagues and will be greatly missed! We wish both of you all the best for the future!
28.11.2019: Goodbye to our smiley interns Tami (3 months) and Theresa (11 months, MSc to be). We’ll miss you!
27.11.2019: Well done Lisi for winning the public poster award at Vetmeduni Vienna!
05.11.2019: Congratulations Luisa for successfully defending your PhD! We are all very proud of you and will miss you in the lab.
16.-17.09.2019: Comparative Pathology Meeting 2019 in Krems. Keeping in touch with former members of LBI-CR. Great science, good food and fun activities!
11.09.2019: Summer students at the FG lab – we are always happy to have additional help and interested future researchers.
Adam, Anna, Chiara, Tamina (from left to right)
05.09.2019: FG Lab at the Wien Energie Business Run 2019. Two teams, fast runners, lots of fun and to top it up – a lot of food at the end! 🙂
30.08.2019: Farewell party and dinner for our wonderful PostDoc Fabio, he will be greatly missed! We wish him all the best for the exciting months ahead and hope to keep in touch.
15.06.2019: Fabio, Florian and Lisi after her poster pitch at the European Hematology Association (EHA) Congress 2019 in Amsterdam.
25.05.2019 : Isolating DNA from tomatoes at Vetmed Open Day!
07.04.2019: Relay team ‘AMLaufen’ running the Vienna City Marathon 2019!
28.02.2019: Vetmed Ski Day at Stuhleck with the girls from the Sexl Lab.
13.12.2018: Afterwork ice-skating with our friends from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research (LBI-CR) at Rathausplatz.
30.11.2018: Congrats Joey for the Best Abstract Award at the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG) Health Meeting! Celebrating with Punsch at Christkindlmarkt Schönbrunn.
19.10.2018: Luisa presenting her work at the Children’s Cancer Research Institute (CCRI) “From Lab to Life” Meeting. Great job!
29.09.2018: The FG group at the Jahrestagung der Deutschen, Österreichischen und Schweizerischen Gesellschaften für Hämatologie und Medizinische Onkologie in Vienna. Three great talks and one poster prize. Great job everybody!